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Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook: Fast, Easy and Delicious Keto Pressure Cooker Recipes

If you're looking for simple, mouthwatering keto-friendly meal plans and recipes that fit perfectly with your busy lifestyle, you've come to the right place.There are few diets as effective as the Ketogenic diet if you're looking to lose weight and get in shape. That's not all, it can also give you healthy skin, keep cancer at bay, among other things. So why aren't more people adopting this diet?It is because the keto lifestyle can be quite difficult to follow, especially for busy people who have little time to spend in the kitchen. This is where the Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook comes in.In this all-inclusive cookbook, Susan Smith provides an excellent introduction to the Ketogenic diet in simple, plain English and furnishes you with an entire arsenal of keto-approved recipes that are super easy to prepare using the versatile Instant Pot. You can use these recipes to eat clean, lose weight and enjoy a healthy life.In this detailed cookbook, you're going to:Be introduced to the keto lifestyle and why many people are doing keto wrongFind out 10 myths about the ketogenic diet that you need to stop believing todayDiscover what "macros" are, why they are important and how to track and calculate your macros.Find the ultimate Keto grocery list of ingredients you must have in order to prepare keto-friendly mealsUncover over 90 keto diet recipes that are satisfying, easy-to-make and suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinners as well as dessertsInsightful and practical, the Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook is your one-stop resource for simple dump-it-and-forget-it Instant Pot keto recipes that are inexpensive and delicious!Ready to improve your health, burn fat and save precious time in the kitchen? Scroll up and click the button to buy now!