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Dummies Guide to Indian Kitchen: From novice to home chef in 2 days

Indian cuisine is probably the most diverse cuisine in the world. The broad umbrella of Indian cuisine can serve the taste buds of meat eaters to vegans alike. Most of the Indians themselves haven't tasted all the cuisines in their country. The fertile land, abundance of spices and varied climatic conditions have led to the evolution of a food culture across the subcontinent over centuries that is unimaginable. In the current meat obsessed food culture prevalent in most societies people have no idea about the variety of taste, texture, flavor, nutrition and satisfaction that vegetarian food can offer. If you are a vegetarian or food lover or just want to explore the range of variations that vegetarian cuisine can offer then Indian vegetarian food is a must for you. This book specifically has been restricted to a mix vegetarian recipes that can be made on special occasions as well as on a day to day basis. If you are new to cooking or new to Indian cuisine or a newly turned vegetarian then this is a "must have" in your digital bookshelf. A guide to "guilt free" cooking.