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Baby's First Foods: 25 Healthy Purees

You’ve probably been looking forward to that important breakthrough, when it’s suddenly time to offer your baby their first taste of solid food, and of course you want it to be healthy and nutritious. But you may be a little apprehensive too – wondering if you can come up with something they will enjoy, not to mention doubting how you are going to find the time and energy after all those sleepless nights! So why not just go out and buy ready-prepared baby food? This book gives you the sensible alternative, with all the information and support you need to make it yourself, easily, quickly and at little cost. It provides careful advice on the when’s, how’s and why’s of gradually introducing a huge variety of delicious purees to your infant. Instructions are clear and straightforward. These 25 tempting recipes are all based on fresh fruit and vegetables, only the purest ingredients with nothing added, no extra sugar or salt, which are often included in store bought versions. What’s even better is that you can create all these concoctions very simply, without the need of elaborate kitchen equipment. Basically you can make enough for your hungry child in minutes, with enough extra for several more meals. And you will know that the maximum amount of precious vitamins, minerals and nutrients will have been preserved naturally. Ranging from everyday fruits like apples to the more exotic melon, and from the reliable potato to the more adventurous pumpkin, with some interesting combinations to be introduced later on, what better way is there to make sure your baby develops a healthy appetite for “real” food?