Independently published

Advanced Gourmet Food Cooking

Advanced Gourmet Food Cooking was previously titled How to Cook Gourmet Food Made Simple and More of How to Cook Gourmet Food Made Simple. Under those previously listed titles, Chef Cinnamon's name was back then, Chef Pepper. Those two cook books were combined, not long ago, and made into one book titled Advanced Gourmet Food Cooking, and Chef Pepper's new chosen name was listed as Chef Cinnamon, but now, before you sits an even newer version of that book. This latest version of the cook book has some additional recipes that Chef Cinnamon invented in January 2018! All the recipes in this book were invented by Chef Cinnamon, except for, of course, the sundried tomatoes in melted cheese recipe and except for, of course, the version of sweet and sour pork listed in this book.