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4-Piece Red Brushed Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set With Silicone Bottoms

Stainless steel mixing bowls w/ silicone bottomstore your food and goods or use them as mixing bowls for baking and cooking. It is designed extra deep to prevent spills and splatter. For balance support, each stainless steel mixing bowl has a flat base with non-skid silicone base. It is easy to use and clean. Also, it is dishwasher safe! It has a red brushed satin exterior and polished interior! Sizes: 0.85 qt (800ml), 1.8 qt (1700ml), 3 qt (3000ml), and 5.5 qt (5200ml). It can also be used as a serving bowl for popcorn and snacks.High quality and durable stainless steel mixing bowlscompact to store your prep food and goods or use as mixing bowlit has an extra deep design to prevent spills and splattera flat base with non-skid silicone base for balancedishwasher safe