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Full Moon Photo Inverted Coloration : Moon Photography, Inverted Moon Coloration, Astrophotography, Celestial Skies, Moon Picture, Supermoon, Fine Art,Lunar Art

Title: Moon Inverted I These close up pictures of solar system objects are my favorite. The method to capturing these images are completely different than standard photography. I attach a CCD camera to my telescope and take really fast video of sections of the moon. Then, you stack the video frames into pictures and stitch them together to make a photo like this. This picture was imaged in the near Infrared which bypassed a lot of Atmosphere distortion and making it easier to get lunar detail. Enjoy! Taken late February, 2018 ---- Material: E-Surface Paper (Professional Photographic Finish) E-Surface Paper is a very popular photographic paper. Accurate color, lifelike skin tones, vibrant colors, archival quality and a traditional photo finish. ---- Donnie Barnett 2019