Ideal Security

Deluxe 3 Piece Single Dummy Door Lever Ideal Security Finish: Antique Brass

The deluxe lever storm door handle with interior locking set compliments a wide range of decor styles. This elegant and easy to operate handle replaces a basic push button handle or a lever set that may be on your screen door. The screw posts must be 1.75" apart. The interior latch features an easy opening push movement and includes a heavy duty deadbolt which can be operated from the inside only. There is no key lock for the outside. Keep your main door open and enjoy the light that comes in through a storm door, and still feel secure. This set includes everything needed for an easy installation and will fit doors from 1" to 2.125" thick. Installation will take about 30 minutes. A tape measure, drill and screw driver will be required. A center punch to mark the holes is helpful. Before drilling, ensure that the inside latch and lock do not interfere with the operation of your main door handle. If it does, raise or lower the storm door hardware. This handle with deadbolt set with a long lasting finish will provide an added touch of class to any storm door. All 3 components are the same color or finish. Ideal Security has been supplying quality hardware to door manufacturers for over 50 years. Before purchasing, please check the installation set up to see if this product will work on your door. Ideal Security Finish: Antique Brass