Ideal Security

357 Inside Latch, White

Ideal's SK357 push paddle for storm doors is an inside latch that can be used with push-button, pull, and lever style exterior handles.COMPATIBILITYThe SK357 is compatible with all styles of exterior handle: Push-button, pull, and lever. It can replace various styles of inside handles, including handles that turn (rotate).The SK357 uses the 1-3/4" hole spacing that is standard on most surface-mount storm door handle sets.EXCEPTIONSBEFORE BUYING, MAKE SURE YOUR CURRENT LATCH IS COMPATIBLE. Some other manufacturers use interior latches that look like the SK357, but have non-standard dimensions.KEY DIFFERENCES:-HOLE SPACING: Ensure the hole spacing on your current latch is 1-3/4".-SPINDLE SIZE: When you replace your current latch, you will most likely keep using your existing spindle. The SK357 can accommodate various spindle styles: Flat steel, round steel, and square zinc & steel combos, but note that the maximum spindle size is 3/16" (.186"). If yours is a square spindle that is the same size the whole way, it will likely not work with our SK357. Please measure carefully and take a look at our images as a guide.**What's a 'spindle'?** The spindle is the piece of metal that goes through the door and connects the outside handle to the inside handle.