Hypnartic Artwork

"Concord Swan" Wind Sculpture

This unique "Estate Quality" sculpture is a (10 feet) dual function wind sculpture and weather vane. Its movement is more subtle than the Wind Weaver or Spinning Leaves lulling its viewers. Its three independent multiple movement will captivate viewers with its 360 degree rotation and weather vane potential. High velocity winds allow this unique sculpture to transform from kinetic movement to weather vane. As a weather vane this artistic wonder will point directly into the wind. The Concord Swan will make a wonderful addition to your garden situation.Please note: Sculptures are placed approximately 6 inches into the ground.Beware of copper or soft metal anchoring systems. The Concord Swan features a heavy duty cast iron anchoring The anchoring system is the foundation of a wind sculpture and should not be made of copper or soft metal. The Concord Swan is only sold by Hypnartic Artwork.