Household Essentials

Household Essentials Silver Stainless Steel Laundry Hamper with Wooden Lid and Removable Liner

Household Essentials Square Metal Laundry Hamper with Wood Lid is modern take on the personal clothes hamper. Perfect for small space, this compact hamper holds 1-1.5 loads of laundry in a 12.375 in. x 12.375 in. space and has a removable liner with handles for easy emptying. It stands 27.5 in. H, making it convenient beside a desk or even as an end table. When space is at a premium, this stainless steel laundry hamper's modern design and non-hamper-like look is ideal. It makes it usable in any room as a storage bin, clothes hamper, end table, or all of the above. Perfect for lofts, apartments, bedrooms, and dorms. Liner is washable. Cold, line dry.