House of Hampton

Griffiths 5-Light Candle Style Chandelier House of Hampton

There's undeniable magic when light meets crystal or glass. It sparks the same fire one sees when light meets precious and semi-precious stones. Great lighting often takes styling cues from jewelry as well, with its primary use of gold and silver tones. Just like an outfit isn't complete without the perfect necklace, bracelet or earrings, a room isn't complete until it has lighting that adds the WOW factor when you walk in. For centuries, Griffiths style of crystal chandeliers has been a sign of wealth, style, and class. In keeping with the time honored traditions of House of Hampton European artisans, House of Hampton's Griffiths collection offers a variety of finishes and crystal combinations. It also offers Griffiths collection in House of Hampton very popular golden teak crystal. House of Hampton