House of Hampton®

Chana 9-Light Unique / Statement Tiered Chandelier House of Hampton®

With its multi-tiered crystal, this elegant 9-Light Crystal Chandelier will refract any ray of light beautifully. This mid-century and modern glam inspired light fixture takes the elements of an antique crystal chandelier and incorporates it into a modern and eccentric design. Embodying the essence of mid-century modern glam, the crystal chandelier is a simple, elegant chandelier for anyone seeking to add a dash of glamour and luxury to their home. Centered at its sleek, metal frame, rings of crystal fringes plunges down in three-layered tiers, refracting lights like a labyrinth of mirrors. Encased within these crystals are nine 40W light bulbs which will illuminate the ensemble and offer the source of the reflected lights. Designed with an adjustable cable, this chandelier will be able to adapt to any room. House of Hampton®