Horton Brasses

QK-1 Queslett Knob, With Square Backplate, Light Antique

Queslett pulls share their name with a region of U.K. city Birmingham and charmingly capture British style. The smooth, sleek hardware can be mounted with or without a back plate on a spice cabinet, dishwasher, or other small or large fixtures. The Saturn knob with squared back plate makes the Queslett range of pulls complete. The square plate perfectly compliments the squared off bin pulls in the rest of the range.Made in England and hand finished in our Connecticut factory. This knob is supplied with a 1" long 4mm metric machine screw for installation. Diameter: 1-3/8"Base: 1/2"Projection: 1-1/4"Back plate size: 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"