Horton Brasses

K-27 1-1/8" Victorian Knob, Dark Antique

Each is an exact copy of an antique piece and is made as they always have been, stamped, turned, and cast from solid brass. Very ornate with incredible detail, each piece of hardware is a testament to the high style of the Victorian era. Each knob is available to you in one of 5 brass finishes. Custom nickel finish options are available as well. These knobs fasten with a machine screw. A 1" machine screw length is supplied standard with all knobs to fit a typical 3/4" thick wood. If your wood is thicker than 3/4", please let us know so we can send you the correct size. This knob is supplied with a 1" long 8-32 machine screw for installation. Diameter: 1-1/8"Base: 7/16"Projection: 7/8"