Horton Brasses

BN-4 Crescent Bin Pull, Dark Antique Lacquered

This bin pull is supplied with a 1" long 4mm metric machine screw for installation. Other sizes are available upon request.Classic yet contemporary, crescent bin pulls are crafted from a sand casting made in England. A choice of five brass finishes, along with satin and polished nickel, give each handle a stylish, elegant character. The clean, attractive look complements several appliances, drawers, cabinets, and other kitchen and home facets. Each is mounted with machine screws. As the mounting hardware is not visible, each crescent pull blends seamlessly into your existing fixture.This versatile hardware, as well, offers a comfortable, sturdy grip with a smooth exterior for repeated ease of use. Homeowners seeking attractive reproduction hardware that is neither anachronistic nor overly modern will find the perfect match with our crescent bin pulls.