Homespice Decor

Homespice Decor Graceland Braided Area Rug

A rich blend of paprika, green, orange, peach, and gold make this Homespice Decor Graceland Braided Area Rug a comfy way to warm up any space. This area rug is made of jute with a touch of polyester. It's available in a choice of sizes and shapes. Producing quality homemade products since 1998, Homespice Decor has become an industry leader in braided rugs (outdoor, indoor, wool, cotton), and has expanded its line to include penny rugs, rag rugs, and its newest - Supernova rugs - which feature a swirling star braid design. Formerly known as J Quilts Company, Homespice Decor shifted its focus from quilts to rugs, pouring itself into the intricate details of braided rug craftsmanship. Homespice Decor is committed to providing affordable braided rugs of the highest quality in an abundance of sizes and styles.