Five Storage Solutions for an Organized Closet

Some items are difficult to organize, and socks, scarves, and belts fall at the top of our list. That doesn't mean they're impossible items to keep tidy, though. With the help of these useful closet storage organizers, solving clutter conundrums is simple.

Hanging closet organizer with six shelves photo

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For Sweaters and Pants: Hanging Shelves

You may not want to hang delicate clothing, but that doesn't mean it needs to take up valuable dresser space. With this hanging closet organizer you can keep your cashmere and denim neatly folded. It has six shelves perfect for your sweaters and jeans, and it also comes in a 10-shelf option that's great for storing shoes. ($31, usually $40;

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For Tank Tops: Flocked Hangers

This tank top hanger is a useful way to maximize closet space. Featuring an innovative two-side design, this hanger is a must-have for camisoles or lingerie. The flocked hooks and cloth construction keep your garments in place so they won't slip off or fall to the floor. ($11 for two;

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For the Dresser: Drawer Organizers

Gone are the days of rummaging through your drawer to find matching socks or under garments. This drawer organizer features four pieces with different divider arrangements to organize bras, underwear, socks, and more. It even folds flat for easy storage when not in use. ($16 for four;

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For Scarves: Scarf Hanger

Keep delicate fabrics from wrinkling inside your drawers with this snag-resistant scarf organizer. It has fourteen slots for your accessories and can hang over your closet rod for convenient storage. If you have extra space, try hanging sunglasses in the areas scarves aren't occupying. ($15;

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For Belts and Ties: Wall-Mount Rack

Featuring steel construction and an epoxy finish, this belt rack is another snag-resistant and durable solution for organizing your accessories. It mounts to your wall (or door) and includes 27 hooks for holding ties, belts, or even long necklaces. ($8;

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