Eight Cleaning Products for Those Hard-to-Reach Places

A woman cleaning her kitchen with a mop

Cleaning is always a chore, but add in vaulted ceilings, low-sitting furniture, and appliances, then it becomes a challenge that often gets pushed to the backburner. It's time to face those neglected areas with these eight tools that make cleaning even the tightest corners and spaces a breeze.

4-Piece Duster Set with Extendable Pole photo

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A Duster Set for Cleaning High Spaces

Tall shelves and ceiling corners collect dust that can be impossible to reach with your everyday duster. But the eight-foot extendable pole with any of the three interchangeable duster heads included with this dusting system allow you to reach those high spaces with ease. Choose the duster fit for the task at hand—out-of-reach cobwebs, ceiling fans, or baseboards—and tackle it in no time. The microfiber dusters are gentle enough to use on fragile items and are easy to store between uses. ($45; bedbathandbeyond.com)

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Tub and Tile Scrubber with Extendable Handle photo

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A Multi-Purpose Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber for the Bathroom

Removing dirt and grime from bathroom spaces like the top corner of your shower or around the base of your toilet can require extra effort. This extendable microbial scrubber allows you to reach those places without having to stretch or get down on your hands and knees. The scrubbing head has a pointed design that fits into tight corners and spaces to easily remove buildup and can be removed and replaced as needed. The sleek steel handle is fitted with a non-slip grip that can reach 42 inches when fully extended. ($13; bedbathandbeyond.com)

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Vintage-Inspired Handheld Blinds Brush photo

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A Blinds Brush for Gently and Effectively Keeping Your Blinds Dust-Free

Multi-purpose cleaning tools are convenient, but specialized tools can offer many benefits of their own. This blinds brush, for example, has a vintage-inspired beech wood handle with finger grips making it easy to hold. The four pronged goat hair brushes are designed to glide across blinds to quickly clean, while keeping them protected from accidental bending or scratching. The brush can be cleaned easily with hot soapy water and doesn't take up much storage space when not in use. ($35; food52.com)

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Bottle Brush with Long Handle photo

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A Bamboo Brush for Cleaning Inside Bottles and Cups

Washing inside reusable glass bottles or delicate champagne flutes is not an easy task, but this long-handled bamboo brush slips into even the smallest openings. The recycled plastic bristles are gentle on any material, yet offer the thorough scrub we all want when hand-washing dirty dishes. When you're done scrubbing, you can place it upright under your sink to store between uses. ($10; worldmarket.com)

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Circular, Cordless IRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner photo

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A Robot Vacuum for Cleaning Under Furniture

Vacuuming under and behind furniture can require loads of heavy lifting, but not with this iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. The compact and cordless design of this smart vacuum allows it to slip under couches and beds without requiring you to lift a finger. It automatically adjusts to meet the cleaning needs of various flooring types and can be controlled by an app on your phone. Set the Roomba to clean your entire space weekly, or send it to specific areas for spot cleaning when necessary. When done, the vacuum will return to its dock for charging and storage. ($450, usually $500; target.com)

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Blue Microfiber Ceiling Fan Brush photo

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A Ceiling Fan Brush That Traps Dust and Debris

Removing dirt and dust from ceiling fans is yet another cleaning project that is made easier with a specialized tool. This microfiber ceiling fan brush is curved to clean both the top and the bottom of the blade at the same time, effectively trapping and holding dust instead of sending particles flying into the air. If looking for additional length, attach the sleeve to an Ettore extendable pole (sold seperately) to reach fans on tall ceilings. As an added bonus, this sleeve is machine washable to make for an easy cleanup ready for next time. ($8; homedepot.com)

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Window Squeegee with Silicone Blade and 5 Foot Pole photo

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A Window Squeegee for Sparkling, Smudge-Free Windows

Dirty windows covered in smudges or streaks is a sight that's hard to ignore. While we regularly clean the insides of our windows, the outside glass can be a bit more of a chore and is often left undone. This multi-function window squeegee has components that both scrub and squeegee to remove any type of dirt mark and has a five-foot pole for making sure even the very tops of your windows get sparkling clean. ($14; homedepot.com)

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A Handled Long and Thin Refrigerator Brush photo

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A Refrigerator Brush for Cleaning the Tightest of Spaces

Fitting your broom under refrigerators or ovens isn't ideal, and you can't always move out the appliance to clean. This 27-inch brush squeezes in and under anything, and can be bent to effectively remove dirt and dust. It's also great for cleaning heating and cooling vents or for tough-to-reach back corners of small shelves or drawers. ($4; homedepot.com)

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