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Home Dynamix Cook N Comfort Coffee Mugs Embossed Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat, 19.6"x35.4", Black/White/Yellow/Blue

Add cushion and style to your kitchen, bathroom or work station with anti-fatigue Cook N Comfort mats by Home Dynamix. Super soft foam wellness mats provide added support for your back, neck and feet while you work. The anti-fatigue properties come from the polyvinyl foam construction which provides support for better posture while you perform all of your daily kitchen or work station tasks. Some Cook N Comfort kitchen mats encorporate embossed texture for added visual interest. Enjoy transitional to whimsical kitchen friendly patterns that will easily compliment your existing home decor. Designs include kitchen friendly fruit, coffee, tea, wine, apples, florals, seasonal outdoor scenes and whimsical sayings that are sure to make you smile while you work. With an exceptional blend of function, function and design, these super comfy and fun anti-fatigue kitchen mats are ideal for any space. Enjoy continuous relief while you work, cook or clean. Place these mats under your kitchen sink, alongside your stove, in your laundry room, bathroom or even at the foot of your desk for a whimsy, cushioned foot support. While spills and stains often occur in the kitchen, these Cook N Comfort mats are sure to clean up easily with a damp cloth or sponge and will resist stains and color fading for year round beauty. Finished with a beautifully embossed textured top, the Cook N Comfort mats are both fashionable and functional. Each mat is constructed with a smooth beveled edge, durable polyvinyl foam, and rubber material providing a safe anti-slip, non-skid and anti-trip surface for security and stability. Perfect for people of all ages. Help relieve stress and aches on your feet, back and joints all while updating your home’s décor with these beautiful and functional kitchen mats by Home Dynamix. Anti-fatigue kitchen mats make great gifts and never disappoint. Easy wipe clean construction. CNC_ 19.6inx35.4in_CNC83