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Plastic Dryer Balls, (Pack of 4), Blue

ECO-FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE TO DRY CLOTHES: Perfect alternative to dryer sheets that are loaded with harsh chemicals that causes irritation on sensitive skinCUTS THE DRYING TIME BY 40% AND SAVES MORE ENERGY, TIME, MONEY: These ecor-friendly dryer balls work to lift and separate clothes promoting more air-flow and futher speeding the drying time by 40 percent resulting in a huge reduction on your electric bill.ELIMINATES WRINKLES AND STATIC CLING AND LEAVES CLOTHES FLUFFY AND ULTRA-SOFT: The spikes gently massage the fabric keeps them from getting crinkled and wrinkled, a great option if you want soft laundry without having to toss in harsh detergents in your machine or on your skinDESIGNED TO LOVE AND LAST: Made of non-toxic plastic, these dryer balls are an environmental-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and harsh