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Home Basics MC45947 Precise Pour 3 Piece Plastic Measuring Set with Short Easy Grip, BPA Free Nesting Stackable Cups, Spout & Clear Handles-1, 2, 4, Clear

3PC measuring cup set confidently measure all your ingredients precisely with this set of stackable plastic measuring cups. Equipped with shorter handles it provides better balance than longer and slimmer gripped versions. The durable plastic construction ensures you can use it to scoop a large amount of flour or sugar without fear of it bending or breaking in the process. Each of the cups offer a wide-mouth making it easy to use pour items such as oats and beans directly into them without spilling. The fade-resistant measurement markings are both labeled in millimeters on one side with cups and ounces on the other for even more convenience, while baking and cooking. easy to clean: hand wash for easy maintenance. For easy upkeep, simply wash by hand with mild soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly. Each of the cups are built with quality materials to ensure measurement markings won't fade after Constant washings complete the look: Pair this piece with our line of mixing bowls to make preparing your favorite baked confections easier stackable to maximize space in the kitchen: The Cups are stackable, so you can nest them within each other to free up more room in the kitchen cupboard.