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Home Basics Ivory Gray Cordless Push-up HDPE Exterior Roller Shade - 30 in. W x 66 in. L

Push-up HDPE Exterior Cordless Roller Shade are the first line of protection against harmful UV rays, heat and glare. By installing it on the exterior, breathable fabric allows air flow, substantially reducing temperatures, reduce the amount of UV, and glare that enters your home, effectively keeping you cooler and more comfortable. Our cordless system works using a hidden torsion spring that act as pulley. It is easily to pull up and down on the handle thus open or close the shades. You can then position the shades to any height you desire. No lift cords for a clean, uncluttered look. This elimination of lift cords means increased safety for children and pets. Perfect for any outdoor area such as patios, porches, decks, gazebos, as well as windows. Get yours today and start enjoying your outdoor spaces. Color: Ivory Gray.