Cleo LED Swing Arm Wall Sconce (Brass/Right) - OPEN BOX by Holtkoetter

The Holtkoetter Cleo LED Swing Arm Wall Sconce is the perfect bed side reading companion. Full dimming control, gradual brightness upon turning on, and energy efficiency all in one small fixture. The Holtkoetter dimming system features a simple touch on/off, illumination dims to 60% when turned off, so you don't have to leave the room in the dark. Innovative and modern, with infinite dimming and position combinations, let this energy conscious lamp gently put you to sleep after a little reading to unwind at the end of the day. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN OPEN BOX RETURN ITEM. PRODUCT IS IN NEW CONDITION. ALL OPEN BOX SALES ARE FINAL. QUANTITIES LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND. While building their highly functional fixtures, Holtkoetter uses only the best lamps made by Osram of Munich, Germany. Other distinctive features include dimmability, electrical conductivity, focusing and reflective functionality, or sometimes just physical beauty of the lamp and the entire lighting fixture. A form becomes truly beautiful when it is reduced to its functional necessities. Many of Holtkoetter form designs were developed this way and over the course of time have become trademarks. Mainly, Holtkoetter uses fine brass, carefully brushed, polished, bronzed, or otherwise finished and then lacquered to the highest standard possible. To maintain their highest quality and workmanship standards, Holtkoetter has a multitude of quality checks during every step of the manufacturing process.