Holistic Silk - Limited Edition Eye Mask Tallentire House Pink Chinese Flower

Our Limited Edition Eye Mask combines hand selected classic and contemporary prints, exquisite Brocades and textured fabrics with our award winning Eye Mask design. With soothing natural dried Lavender it totally block out all light for instant results. Recommended by Sleep Experts as a perfect addition to your night-time routine. S/S 2019 - After meeting at Chelsea School of Art Joanna, Holistic Silk's founder and Lindsay of Tallentire House became firm friends. Together they have created this unique collection, fusing Sri Lankan nature inspired Tallentire House cotton fabrics with Joanna's award-winning Eye Mask design. Wash sparingly to maintain the effectiveness of the Lavender Flowers inside. Machine Wash at 30 degrees with a mild detergent. Reshape after washing and hang to dry in a warm place immediately. Please note that you can instantly revive the long-lasting aroma of your Eye Mask by simply squeezing where you feel the Lavender. Screen Printed Cotton Front Cotton Velvet Lining Cotton Velvet Ties Satin Binding