These Fun Thanksgiving Games Are a Creative Way to Pass the Time

Wood background with cut out leaves, pumpkins, and the word

With the holiday season upon us, it's time to start thinking of ways to entertain your guests. From word scramble to classic bingo, here are eight Thanksgiving games that are sure to keep your family and friends amused while the turkey is roasting.

Most Creative Thanksgiving Games

As a host, so much time and energy is spent prepping the actual Thanksgiving dinner that it can be easy to forget about the moments in between. Instead of having your guests simply watch TV or play on their phones, plan a fun activity (or two!) that everyone can enjoy. Whether it's organizing a creative scavenger hunt or simply writing down what you are thankful for, these Thanksgiving games will have everyone entertained while supper is cooking.

The Best Active Game: Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

After enjoying plenty of stuffing and turkey, encourage everyone to get up and out of their seats by playing this Thanksgiving-themed selfie scavenger hunt. It includes 12 game cards for you and your guests to pick from. While you can play individually, we recommend dividing into teams to make the game more competitive. Once everyone has received a card with their scavenger hunt instructions, set a time limit and start checking off the task list. Some of the items on the cards are more difficult than others, so this activity may even last all day! ($12;

The Best Kid-Friendly Game: Turkey Tosser!

Try something new this Thanksgiving by playing Turkey Tosser! with your family. After splitting up into even teams, pick one person from each team to wear the included turkey hats. The point of the game is to toss as many sprout rings as you can onto your teammate's turkey hat, and whoever can get the most sprout rings around the "turkey leg" during the allotted time wins! Bonus: You can make this game a year-round favorite since it comes in six different seasonal designs. ($17;

The Best Classic Game: Pumpkin Patch Bingo Cards

Don't forget to include a classic game this Thanksgiving, like these creative pumpkin patch bingo cards. This game comes complete with 18 cards so you'll have plenty to hand out among family and friends. Thanksgiving Bingo puts a fun twist on a timeless game thanks to the festive word choices. As you're checking off "corn maze" and "sweater weather" surrounded by your favorite people, you'll be reminded of the reason for the season. ($15;

The Best Family Game: Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner

Pull up a chair and get ready to have a blast with your loved ones while playing Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner. This unique game features six straws disguised as forks and 48 paper food items that are also listed on index cards. Grab a plate and an index card and challenge one another to fill your plates with the listed goods. The catch? You can only transfer the food pieces to your plate by sucking them up with your straw. ($15;

Best Thoughtful Game: Turkey Activity Kit

The turkey activity kit is a meaningful way to show your loved ones all you're thankful for this year by simply pulling out a paper feather and writing your thanks down. You can choose to make your sentiment short and sweet, or you can choose to go in depth as to why you care so much about a given individual or experience. If everyone is open to the idea, you can even make this a fun and thoughtful guessing game by trying to guess who wrote what on each feather. ($40;

Best Group Game: Thanksgiving Word Scramble

For those of us who enjoy both brain teasers and the Thanksgiving holiday, this word scramble game is sure to become a new favorite. It includes 25 game cards, filled with mixed-up words you need to guess and write out in the correct order. Make this game a casual brain-teaser or turn things up a notch by including a prize at the end for whoever can complete their card fastest. ($13;

The Best Ice-Breaker Game: Botanical Pumpkin Crackers

Break the ice naturally this Thanksgiving with these Botanical Pumpkin Crackers. A twist on the classic Victorian party favor, these pumpkin crackers include a party crown, playful jokes and riddles, and a fun table game for your guests to enjoy. The set includes 12 individual crackers and for such a low price point, we recommend purchasing two so that you can avoid leaving anyone out of the festivities. Ensure everyone feels cherished by placing these on your dining table as part of their place setting. ($12, usually $30;

Bonus! The Best Game for Year-Round Fun: Telestrations

Although this game doesn't need to be played at Thanksgiving, it's just too good to leave out of our harvest-inspired games round-up. Easy to play and easy to clean up, Telestrations is a great game for small parties with close friends. Simply choose a card, sketch the word that appears on your card, and then flip the hourglass and have your guests try to guess what you drew before the time runs out. This game can be played one-on-one or with teams, so no matter how many people you have at your dinner table, everyone can join in on the fun. ($26, usually $30;