Hiva Atelier - Fluctus Suede Wallet Grey

Because of the folds in the inner pockets, this model takes its name from the Latin word Fluctus, meaning "wavy". In our Fluctus model, you can find every feature you are looking for in a wallet, and there are separate pockets for your phone and passport. There are many options in the World. Thank you for choosing Hiva Atelier products. Each of the products of our Hiva Atelier brand is hand-made, carefully handled, and each product takes its place on the shelves at the end of our different experiences. Just like the secret meaning in the name of our brand, we have a story. The model and color you have today were actually prepared for you. Your story begins at the point where our story ends. We hope that your product will bring luck and happiness to the continuation dimension. We know how much you have enjoyed your Hiva Atelier product, so we recommend that you review the following recommendations so that you can use it for many years. All genuine leather possess one common trait: regardless of the treatment methods, they are natural products which preserve their natural characteristics. Natural signs the leather surface such as differences in grain, scars, insect bites and other imperfections projects the natural origin of leather. These only serve to further highlight the authenticity and unique beauty of leather. Over time, your leather bag won't look the same as it does today. That's part of leather's unique appeal. Leather ages beautifully, each product taking on its own patina (a deep, natural luster) as the leather ages. Leather fades naturally over time. Periodical cleaning and maintenance will protect your leather products from stains and extend its life. A general rule of thumb is to moisturize your bag and avoid excessive cleaning using chemicals as it can speed up the fading process. Do not expose the products to sunlight or expose them to heat. In the products used in suede, the color of these parts may vary depending on use, light friction and may be darkened. Some of the leather and suede products should not be used under heavy rain as they can give paint. Thank you, HiVa Atelier read more