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Fireball BeeBalm Live Plant - Monarda - Bergamot - Compact - Quart Pot

MONARDA: Very attractive to butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. When crushed, the foliage will release a spicy fragrance and the leaves can be used to make a delightful herbal tea. Fireball BeeBalm - Monarda dydima 'Fireball' - Bergamot Family: Lamiaceae Origin: The species is native to eastern north America. Wonderful compact cultivar with large fountain-like heads of red flowers over upright stems of aromatic foliage. Has better than average resistance to mildew. Full sun or partial shade, in rich moisture-retentive soil. Monarda is not drought tolerant. Division advised every 3 years. Place in the perennial border for a bold effect. Division will be required every 3 years to prevent rampant spread. Attracts bees