Hinkley Lighting

Xander Vanity Light by Hinkley Lighting

The Xander Vanity Light by Hinkley Lighting is a contemporary interior lighting piece dedicated to providing soft, diffused lighting while sporting a modern profile slightly reminiscent of Art Deco pieces. The fixture utilizes a steel backplate and arm, both of which are built at strong and focal 90-degree angles. This allows the use of two ribbed clear glass components, each of which contains an incandescent lighting source. The result of these components working together is a stream of warm, ambient lighting. Hinkley Lighting began as a small, family company in Cleveland, Ohio, and has developed into one of the countries most respected lighting producers. Using strong, clean forms, the company offers transitional pieces with distinctive period accents and minimalist contemporary designs. Their environmentally conscious products like their LED outdoor collection and traditionally crafted, artistic interior designs provide cutting edge, luxurious indoor and outdoor lighting.