HIC Harold Import Co.

HIC Harold Import Co. 29001 Instant-Read Meat Poultry Turkey Grill Thermometer, Large 2-Inch Shatterproof Face, Stainless Steel and Protective Sheath with Internal Temperature Chart

Hic Roasting's meat thermometer instantly reads internal temperatures to cook meat properly and keep it juicy while roasting to a golden brown outside Made from stainless steel; BPA-free plastic; NSF approved; large shatterproof face; easy recalibration; sheath with safe temps guide Instantly read temperatures (20-220-degrees Fahrenheit); perfect for beef, poultry, pork, lamb, and game Insert pointed end into thickest part of the meat (at least 1. 5-Inches) without touching the bone and wait for pointer to stop moving (5-10 seconds) Ensures food safety in grilling, rotisserie, and slow cooking methods, too; compact for easy storage; temps in Fahrenheit and Celsius; dishwasher safe, Weight: 0.075 Pounds, Manufacturer: HIC Harold Import Co.