Heritage Patios

Patio Awning Heritage Patios Size: 144" W x 120" D

Responsibly sourced high-grade aluminum materials from Heritage Patios state-of-art manufacturing facilities. Increase your relaxing outdoor living with essential health benefits from the natural fresh air and increased shade from the direct sunlight. Easily increase your home’s value with increased living space ready to enjoy morning coffee, shaded lunch time and peaceful dinner with a beautiful sunset. Improve your outdoor entertainment while protecting grandchildren, pets, patio furniture or personal valuables from all harmful weather conditions. Rejuvenate yourself by staying cool and shaded, protected from harmful UV ray sun exposure. This Aluminum Attached Patio Cover Awning system promotes mental wellness by enjoying a special place to recount fond memories, read or complete a challenging crossword puzzle. Maintain your physical wellness with a covered awning to stretch, strengthen and improve your daily physical regimen. Unwind the daily stress with a cool beverage, favorite music or shop from your tablet protected all afternoon. This durable long-lasting patio cover awning system constructed with superior strength that reduces patio temperatures that’s easy to maintain and resistant to weather, rust, chip, and cracks. Heritage Patios Size: 144" W x 120" D