Heritage Lace

Chalet Table Runner Heritage Lace Size: 72" W x 14" L

The Heritage Lace Chalet Table Runner is a stunning creation of heavy gauge lace that is ideal to grace your dining table during the holiday season or on other special occasions when you are aiming for a festive look. It is a rectangular table runner with a timeless look, which can suit a variety of decor.This Chalet Table Runner from Heritage Lace is white in color. The center is textured while a border of beautifully designed lace runs around the runner. It is available in three different sizes to suit your need. The beautiful lace has an abstract snowflake pattern that is appealing and unique. It creates that much desirable lodge look and is therefore suitable for commercial use as well. Lay this table runner on your dining table to lend a touch of grace and elegance as well as introduce the spirit of special occasions in your dining room.This beautiful table runner is made from 100% polyester. Hence, it is long lasting. It is machine washable and cold gentle wash should be used. This runner must be laid flat or hung out to dry. You can also touch it up with cool iron if desired. This product should not be bleached to avoid damage. Heritage Lace Size: 72" W x 14" L