Herat Oriental

Herat Oriental A-RI424-58 Indo Hand-Woven Turkish Kilim Wool Rug, Ivory/Red

Handmade in India, a gorgeous wool area rug will add style to your home. This rug was created entirely in the Varanasi region of India, employing local villagers to make beautiful fair trade items. The process is entirely sustainable and involves local natural materials worked into modern designs and patterns. The weaving technique is hand-tufted, which is a rug making process where weavers insert yarn into the rug backing with a hand held tufting gun to push and pull the threads through a pre-woven grid foundation. In a tufted rug, the tops of the loops are sheared to expose the ends of the threads for a softer, plusher pile. Regular vacuuming and annual professional cleaning will keep your rug looking new for years to come. Herat Oriental has been creating beautiful, authentic, handmade rugs for over 10 years. We work with villages around the world and have created jobs for over 2,000 traditional weavers, which helps them to greatly support their families. The majority of the weavers are women who live in the villages of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. As our company grows, we are able to create more jobs for female weavers who otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so. The community also thrives from rug weaving as the local farmers benefit from wool sales, and the local artisans create natural and vegetable dyes for the weavers to use in their designs.