Heather Ann Creations

Heather Ann Creations Isla Collection Bohemian Slatted Frame Cabinet with Shelves, 23", Black/Brown

Heather Ann Creations Isla Collection introduces a well designed slatted frame cabinet with one Drawer and shelves. Designed to accommodate to your home dimensions, this slatted frame cabinet has been designed with amazing dimensions of 24" x 19" x 23" with Drawer dimensions of 19" x 16" x 4" and shelf dimensions of 20" x 18" x 4" with a total weight of 23 lbs., it is without a doubt that this frame cabinet will easily fit and compliment your home decor. Crafted with stripped bamboo and finished with a laminated bamboo top, it is without a doubt that this is a slatted frame cabinet that has been created to be durable and long lasting for many years to come. The natural water hyacinth fiber woven storage Drawer present something comfortable and durable for your storage needs or accent home decor designs. Bring a household brand into your home. Heather Ann Creations has been making unique pieces of elegant and well crafted designed furniture for over 20 years with great customer satisfaction. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, Heather Ann Creations never seizes to amaze with their quality craftsmanship and dedication to their consumers. What makes Heather Ann Creations different from other furniture companies is the versatility in the appeal in their beautifully designed furniture pieces. Designed to compliment your home decor, you simply cannot go wrong with a purchase from Heather Ann Creations.