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Christmas Ornaments: ReCollections Ralph Del Pozzo Author

Every winter season, millions of households engage in the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree. And how many Americans have grown up with the delight of the annual unpacking of the family's ornament collection, gathered through the years; each one with its special story to tell? Christmas Ornaments: ReCollections brings back that feeling of childish wonder-a very special package to open year after year, filled with richly detailed pictures of exquisite glass ornaments, shiny and precious—and no one to tell you don't touch!The book is also a tribute to one of America's favorite pastimes: collecting. In this case, a collection built over the course of many years, found in flea markets, garage sales, antique shops, and on eBay. Ralph and David's passion for collecting and eye for quality comes through on every page; from the evocative photos and illustrations to the stories interspersed throughout, of how ornaments came to be such an important part of how we celebrate the holidays.A whole new appreciation of the fragile memories of Christmases past, Christmas Ornaments will be a crowd pleaser: a dazzling stocking stuffer or an inspiring treat for yourself.