Harbor Farm

(Pre-Order) Fresh 22" Winterberry Christmas Wreath Harbor Farm

Harbor Farm fresh 22" Fresh Winterberry Christmas Wreath overflows with lush boughs of balsam fir, pine, and cedar and are adorned with pine cones, playful puffs of reindeer moss, and clusters of rich red berries. This naturally elegant wreath is gorgeous. Harbor Farm create wreaths the old-fashioned way: residents go into the Maine woods and gather all of the materials that Harbor Farm use to make the decorations -- native pine cones, reindeer moss, Balsam fir, Pine, and Cedar. This supports the economy in Harbor Farm small community and continues Harbor Farm standard of responsible and sustainable harvesting. Harbor Farm use only the tips of the evergreen branches on Harbor Farm wreaths and centerpieces. This process of harvesting foliage is known as "tipping." Rather than harming the tree, this practice is actually beneficial, resulting in fuller and more vigorous growth. Harbor Farm