Handmade throw blankets and wool items

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Characteristics:100% wool Technique: volume weavingStyle: ModernSize: 25 x 25, with fringe 29 inch (65 x 66, with fringe 75 cm)Manufacturing: 5-7 daysCare and washing: Blanket or rug can be washed in a washing machine at temperature of 30 degrees of Celsius, without spinning and it should be dry naturally, the water must thus drain off by itself. Or you can take it to the cleaners. Also you can vacuum-clean it.Production MethodHi! I make blankets and rugs in special handmade technology on the wooden weaver loom. It is made of pure sheep wool materials. The dimensions of the blankets can be different. Ready to make to order any sizes you need. Colors and patterns of the blanket also can be discussed. Woolen plaids and carpets I weave in technique that was used by our ancestors. They didn't used any paints or previous manufacturing, so I decided to keep this tradition. I only added bright designs to every decor item and more contemporary vision of interiors to match every of them.To get a high-quality wool yarn, we take care of our sheep. Then their hair becomes docile and easy to shear. The lamb feels comfortable and safe in process. Sheared wool should be soaked in water and dried in natural way. When the wool is dry, it should be given a good brush. The skein is made of the prepared wool material completely by hand. To create a specific pattern skeins are placed into wooden weaving machine, which were handed for generations. After one-piece pattern is ready together with plaid, it is placed into a source of cold water, so that product won't shrink after next wash. Water should drain naturally from the plaid, and it should be dried the same way. When the plaid is dry, it can be combed with brush again, but often this is not necessary.View morehttps://www.amazon.com/handmade/Handmade-wool-blankets-and-throw-blanketsRegards Maria