Handmade From Africa

Hand Woven African Trivet - 8.5 Inches Coiled Sisal & Banana Fiber Trivet - Handmade in Rwanda - Buttermilk Tan, Apple Red, Black, ATK02

Handcrafted in the villages of Rwanda by local female artisans, this trivet comes in unique colors and patterns. For this pure handmade we use locally grown, renewable resources such as coiled sisal (use for external part of the trivet) and banana leaves fibers (use for internal part of the trivet). Each trivet has a loop on the back, making it easy to hang on a wall. It can be used as a table or furniture display, for dining table to protect from heat damage or as a unique gift (definitely a hit of a gift). Approximately 8.5'' Diameter. Handmade from Africa | Authentic & Unique | Fair Trade Product | 100% Handmade with love, passion and pride | A great opportunity to support African Artisans.