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Glass Bottle Vase Net Trattoria Da Pietro Home Kitchen Decor 24750

Features: Glass bottle vase with dimensions: 9ï ½ï ½x9ï ½ï ½x18ï ½ï ½Made from the finest quality of glassDesigned with strands of netted leatherMarked with French writingsDescription: Flower pots are messy and not always suitable for placing flowers in your interiors. A perfect option is to place them in this designer styled glass bottle vase. Marked with French writings, this flower vase is sure to spread the message of love all year round. It is also the perfect gift for lovers of all things vintage. Even with the flowers, this vintage glass bottle alone can also be simply used as a decorative item. Place a number of these vases side by side on a shelf or on a table or arrange them into different arrays and patterns. This decorative glass bottle vase is designed with strands of netted leather covering its entire body, while the bottle has a lovely green hue that will accentuate the dï ½cor in any home. The dimensions of the decorative and netted glass bottle vase are 9ï ½ï ½x9ï ½ï ½x18ï ½ï ½. Don't forget to bookmark our store and add us to your favorites! Be sure to join our email list to receive special offers & monthly specials!