Green Terrafirma GB00895 Herb Grow Bag

Just add water, plant and feed (seeds not included). Expands to 4 times original size – Like MAGIC! No additional potting soil needed, just water the coco coir inside, plant and feed. Grow more herbs, faster than with other potting media. The bag and compressed coco coir block inside expands like MAGIC when watered to 4 times its original size. Coco Coir comes from recycled coconut husks, it is a clean, natural form of potting mix with excellent water holding capacity ideally suited to growing tomatoes, summer veggies and herbs. The fiber improves capillary action and drainage while the sponge-like pith material holds water inside. Coir is an entirely sustainable and renewable resource as coconuts grow in abundance in tropical regions. Commercial food growers use similar coir fiber grow bags to grow various fruits, vegetables and herbs in high volume due to their air porosity and moisture holding characteristics. Big enough for 2 tomato or veggie plants or 4 herb plants. Deep enough for staking. With the Herb Grow Bag there’s no need for digging, no lifting heavy bags of potting soil, no kit to assemble, no reaching up to water the plant …. you don’t even need gardening tools!! Just buy the Grow Bag, choose plants or seeds – you’ll need a little plant food if you don’t have any at home – then you’re ready. Everything you need to get started is in the pack, just water the holes, plant your plants or seeds then water and feed regularly – EASY!! Place your Grow Bag anywhere where there’s sunlight for few hours – the deck, patio, balcony, roof garden or even indoors. Green Terrafirma has conducted extensive testing on the Herb Grow Bag and we know that our coco coir grows more tomatoes in a shorter time period than other potting media.