Grand Epicure

Grande Epicure M6456200 3-Piece Polyethylene Cutting Board Set

The grande epicure polyethylene set provides all the cutting boards you'll need in the kitchen. These sanitary, nontoxic polyethylene cuttings board won't dull your knives and are pesticide free. Dishwasher safe-clean properly with soap and water. This set comes with a 7-inch by 13 7/8-inch paddle board, and 10-inch by 14-inch and 12-inch by 15 7/8-inch utility boards. Our polyethylene utility boards are ideal for everyday use with their grooved design to collect juices. Sizes are 7-inch by 13-7/8-inch by 7mm; 10-inch by 14-inch by 7mm; 12-inch by 15-7/8-inch by 7mm.