Everything You Need to Create a Photo-Worthy Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie board filled with food and snacks.

Crafted for snack lovers and cheese connoisseurs alike, a charcuterie board brings both taste and aesthetics to the table. From cheeses to cured meats and jam, create the ultimate snacking experience for any party, happy hour, or date night this season with these hand-picked essentials.

Long wooden cheese board with paddle and knives. photo

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Boska Beechwood Cheese Board & Knives Set

Every great cheese board is designed around serving cured meats, various cheese textures, and complements of nuts or fruit. A beechwood cheese board is a solid foundation to set the stage for your photo-worthy display. This particular beechwood cheese board by Boska includes a set of stainless steel knives essential for different cheeses and visual cohesivity. Offerings are within reach with the elongated design, making this board ideal for parties and gatherings. ($80; potterybarn.com)

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Prairie Breeze cheese square. photo

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Prairie Breeze White Cheddar Cheese

Locally owned in the Midwest, Milton Creamery is known for its mouthwatering cheese. This white cheddar has been aged for two years and is best enjoyed when warmed to room temperature for about an hour. This allows for the flavor to come out while maintaining the cheese's texture and consistency. ($15; amazon.com)

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Wheel of brie cheese. photo

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Murray's Brie Fermier

Buttery and fluffy, Murray's Brie is sure to please at your next gathering. This type of cheese is great for spreading on a cracker with cured meat for a full-bodied flavor. This French-made cheese is mushroomy and has undertones of oysters that pair beautifully with a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Brie is also best enjoyed when warmed to room temperature for a soft and creamy consistency. ($23/lb. murrayscheese.com)

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Prosciutto on a serving platter. photo

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Murray's Prosciutto di Parma Three-Pack

Cured meat is a main part of a colorful, decadent charcuterie board. Cheese and meat connoisseurs can agree that prosciutto is an absolute must, and with Murray's prosciutto di parma we see why. Through the age-old curing process using nothing but salt, air, and time, ham reaches melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Murray's cures its prosciutto for nearly two years until it reaches its peak perfection and full flavor; the wait is so worth it. ($30; murrayscheese.com)

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Cocina campo seco sliced salami on a serving platter. photo

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Charlito's Cocina Campo Seco Sliced

Cured salami makes for a rich and savory addition to your party platter. This pasture-raised pork is infused with earthy flavors and salt for a mouthwatering taste. Devour this decadent salami slice by slice with a sweet pairing of jam and bread. This Italian salami also pairs well with a crisp Pinot Grigio or a light Pinot Noir with Brie cheese. ($13; murrayscheese.com)

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Box of natural crackers. photo

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34 Degree Natural Crackers

In any cheese board, crackers are a must. The cracker has one of the more crucial roles in any great charcuterie board: It delivers the cheese to the taster. What we love about this cracker in particular is how light and airy it is. Its flavor isn't overpowering and allows the cheese's full flavor to come through. You may also want to try spreading jam then topping with a soft cheese for a sweet and tangy flavor. ($21 for pack of six; amazon.com)

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Garlic, chives, and parsley baguette crisps. photo

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Sabine's Collections Garlic, Chives And Parsley Crisps

Light and crispy, these toasted baguette crisps add some crunch to your charcuterie board. These crisps are seasoned with a mix of herbs, garlic, and spices and pair well with salami or jam. You may also want to whip up an olive oil blend for dipping. ($5; worldmarket.com)

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Fig jam jar. photo

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Divina Fig Spread

This sweet surprise is the perfect pairing for a sharp cheese or to balance out a salty meat. Spread this rich jam on a thin cracker then top with a slice of prosciutto for the ultimate salty and sweet flavor combination. Made of all-natural Aegean figs, this indulgent spread is sure to become a staple for party hosting. ($4, usually $8; thrivemarket.com)

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Jar of garlic stuffed olives. photo

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Calivirgin Garlic Stuffed Olives

Enjoyed in salads, sandwiches, and even cocktails, olives are the versatile treat you need for your next charcuterie board. These award-winning garlic-stuffed olives are tart and salty, making them a perfect pair with sweet fruits or creamy cheeses. Spread these olives across your board to fill in any gaps or place in a small serving bowl if tight on space. ($15; williamssonoma.com)

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Blue Diamond Almonds photo

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Blue Diamond Almonds, Gourmet Rosemary and Sea Salt

No cheese board is complete without a few complements, and Blue Diamond delivers with savory almonds. These rosemary and sea salt gourmet almonds are the final touches that will bring your platter together. Crispy and full of flavor, these almonds pair nicely with fresh grapes and cured meats to satisfy your salty craving. ($5; amazon.com)

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