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Gorgeous Cosmetics iLINE Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Liquid Eyeliner, Smudge Proof Liquid Liner, Shade Black

Dangerously sexy heels, killer curves – you like the impact meter turned way up. And what better way to steal the limelight than with high drama eyes. An easy way to amp up the eye allure? Add Gorgeous Cosmetics iLINE Liquid Eyeliner to your beauty arsenal. Gorgeous Cosmetics iLine Liquid Eyeliner Pen makes precision lining simple. This revolutionary tool takes the ease of a felt tip pen and combines it with the dramatic black definition of traditional cake eyeliner. Say goodbye to messy ink and brush application. Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner delivers high precision lines thanks to its felt tip applicator. Like drama on call? Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner’s go-anywhere packaging means you can amp up the wattage on the run. iLine’s water resistant formula is richly pigmented and long lasting. The felt tip applicator makes it easy to customize your liner effect, from fine and subtle to thick and dramatic. The pen applicator contains a capillary system that keeps the contents fresh and the line running smooth without puckering. Want more? Course you do. Gorgeous Cosmetics iLINE is water resistant and smudge-proof so you’ll stay looking fierce until you (finally) want to turn all the drama down a notch.