Gold's Gym

Gold’s Gym Women’s Tacky Weightlifting Gloves, Medium

The hexagonal patterned design of the Gold's Gym Women's Tacky Gloves makes them a stylish staple gym accessory for women. Featuring hexagonal shaped tackiness on the palm, these gloves enhance your gripping power to prevent gym equipment from slipping out of your hands. Keep your hands smooth, blister-free, and callus-free by wearing these tacky weightlifting gloves while exercising. These training gloves help to absorb sweat and feature ventilated stretch mesh for a comfortable feel. The finger pull-tabs help to easily remove the gloves after strenuous workouts. The hook and loop closure design allow you to adjust the gloves for a comfortable feel. The added layer of protection between you and exercise equipment helps to reduce pressure on your hands while adding comfort during lifts. Wearing weightlifting gloves improves hygiene by adding a layer of protection between you and gym equipment that may contain harmful bacteria. These gloves are available in small and medium.