GLAD GLD-71336 Whisk Pro Series | Stainless Steel | Ergonomic Handles | Baking and Cooking Accessory, One Size

Glad Pro Whisk – Whisk eggs like a pro Whisk your eggs and other ingredients with ease with the Glad Pro Whisk! Ask a professional chef, and they will tell you that one factor to making superb meals is having the right tools. Whether you are a professional chef working in a fast-paced kitchen or a parent cooking for an entire household, you need a tough arsenal of kitchen gadgets that stay beautifully for a long period of time. Let Glad Pro Whisk be your partner in providing a smooth and pleasant kitchen experience for you and your family. Our utensils are made with a tough stainless steel that resists corrosion and stains, making them perfect for long-time use. As a subtle touch, all our products use an ergonomic design that adds comfort and ease when handling them and your food. The Glad Pro Whisk will surely be a valuable addition to your kitchen for a lifetime. Add this item to your cart today!