Givenchy Women's Lip Liner Universel Noir Revelateur - Noir Revelateur

Givenchy Universal Lip Liner is the first black lip liner to sculpt and contrast your lips for a tailor-made result. Like a traditional lip liner, Noir Révélateur Lip Liner reshapes and redefines your lips, enhances the look of your lipstick, and prevents the color from bleeding. Enriched with Noir Révélateur, it also adds depth to the shade of your lipstick. When used as a liner or applied lightly to the center of your lips, it adds contrast, creating an ultra-fashionable, graduated look. Nicolas Degennes, Givenchy Beauty's Artistic Director loves using it all over the lips only with the transparent Gloss Révélateur or with the Le Rouge Perfecto. The black is gradually diffused and intensifies the natural color of the lips. Step-by-step recommendations for use: - Trace the contour of your lips, following their natural shape - Begin with the outline of your top lip - Place the tip of the pencil on the bow of your lip and outline the right-hand side - Place the tip on th. Cosmetics - Lvmh-givenchy > Givenchy > Saks Fifth Avenue > Barneys. Givenchy. Color: Noir Revelateur.