Gingko - Brick Click Clock - Beech White LED

With this Brick Click Clock, you're in control of time. With a snap of your fingers, clap of your hands or gentle tap on your bedside table, the time, date & temperature will alternately appear for you. It also dims when things go quiet, only lighting up again when you want it to or when the dreaded alarm goes off. Sweet dreams. Key features: * Alarm Clock * Material: MDF wood * Dimensions: H15xW10xD4.5cm * Display time, date and temperature alternately or permanent time display only setting * Buzzer alarm option and 5 or 7 days alarm setting * On screen alarm time display * Sound activated display or permanent display setting * LED display automatically switches off when it's quiet or can stay on permanently * LED display automatically dims by half between 9pm and 7am * UK plug