George Oliver

Lucier Red Area Rug George Oliver Rug Size: Rectangle 7'9" x 10'5"

Inject beauty and personality into any room with this hand-carved high-pile frieze rug. Woven using 2-ply twist frieze yarn, each strand of yarn creates a unique flare and shine while creating unmatched character on your floor. Each rug is meticulously hand-carved bring life and dimension to each design. This collection utilizes exclusive color pallets ranging from calm earthy tonal blends to vibrant reds allowing you to push your decorating choices to the limit. Heavy density and extend pile height assure a thickly cushioned yet soft underfoot experience you and your family can spend endless hours living on, playing on, and enjoying. Each carpet is woven utilizing the most advanced looms and ensuring the high quality and overall durability. George Oliver Rug Size: Rectangle 7'9" x 10'5"