Fluted Cake Pan, Non-Stick

This Fluted Cake Pan is a must-have to add to your baking repertoire. The decorative, rounded exterior will add a festive flair to all of your cakes whether you're baking for your family, entertaining guests at home or making some of your favorites to bring to parties. This classic bundt pan is ideal for cooking all kinds of desserts and has been a staple in kitchens for decades. Its unique style is not just for cakes. Use it make a variety of main dishes, such as baked mac and cheese, banana bread and sandwich rings that you can slice up into mini, bite-size finger food. You can even use this fluted baking pan to roast a chicken; it's a convenient way to allow the natural juices to flow into the pan to be used for basting. Made of durable, non-stick material, this fluted tube pan is super easy to clean. It makes an excellent addition to any gift registry.