Killim Rodas Handmade Black Area Rug GAN RUGS Rug Size: Rectangle 6'8" x 9'10"

A rug that is a hybrid carpet/tapestry Rodas forms part of the Kilim collection designed and manufactured by Gan, Gandiablasco’s indoor brand, using the traditional weaving techniques. Rodas is characterized by the strength of its fabric, jute, which Gan is introducing here for the first time within its catalogue. Natural and ecological jute fiber comes from the tropical plant of the same name, bringing a fresh and organic feel to every room of the house. This proposal derives its strength from its weave, minimal weight and volume allow it to be used on the floor, draped over a sofa or table or even to be hung on a wall. The motif recalls the patterns and curves of ironwork or fleur-de-lis, a universal language shared by all cultures. GAN RUGS Rug Size: Rectangle 6'8" x 9'10"