G. DeBrekht Artistic Studios

Russian 5 Piece Halloween Nested Doll Set

Beautiful and unique Nesting Doll. Made from Linden wood. Easy to Open and Close. Practical - Children love to play with these dolls. They can be used for storing in candies, jewelry, etc. Hand painted in Russia. They make perfect keepsake gifts. The fine details and beautiful artwork of the G. DeBrekht Russian nesting dolls make them a treasure to anyone who receives them. These are created in the tradition of Matryoshka folk art dolls, which originated at the end of the nineteenth century in Russia.We offer variety of dolls designs for Christmas, Easter and other holidays and occasions. *Some decorations on items may be slightly varied due to the hand-painted nature of the product. Size:6 x 3 x 3 Catalog#14-RUSSIA-NEST-Holiday Accents & Decor